Course on Prevention of Muscoloskeletical Injuries in dance

Dance as an artistic discipline may be used as a treatment to some injuries and axial displacement of the body. Dance teachers learn the ways to determine basic pathologies of axial displacement in their students' body.

Aimed at:

People related to dancing: dancers, teachers and students.


  • Knowing the main mechanisms of injury, muscular fatigue and muscular tension which are more frequent in dance and Activities of Daily Living (A.D.L.)
  • Obtaining tools to prevent their causes.
  • Improving the performance capacity and daily movement quality.


  • Complete muscular physiology. Biomechanics.
  • Postural and functional hygiene.
  • Preventive exercises for the main causes of joint and muscular injuries.
  • Propioception and Equilibrium. Muscular balance.
  • Breathing: various types. Improving capacity and performance.
  • Repetition micro-traumatisms. Joint and muscular overcharge injuries.
  • Dance training. Analytical and global stretching.
  • Relaxation: techniques and procedures.
  • Stage fright.

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