Treatment for Dancers

In the Centre for Prevention of Injuries in Performing Arts (CPAE) we are healthcare professionals who have adapted to the real necessities of the present-day artists.

For this reason, we have created a NEW GLOBAL TREATMENT in which the dancer receives an individualised and personalised service which aims at:


During the first visit, the treatment applied is the following and consists of the following parts:


1 - DIAGNOSIS via Anamnesi and Posturology.
1.1 - Anamnesi: complete medical history.
1.2 - Exploration of Posturology.
1.3 - Study in dinamics and statics, with and without a bar.
3 - CREATION OF THE NEW MOTOR ACT linked to the ideal muscle tone.

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Treatment for Dancers

With the treatment we carry out in CPAE, the dancer will go back to their daily work with all the conditions treated in the treatment greatly improved, for the monitoring of the injury also goes with a series of perceptive and sensorial stimuli which ameliorates health condition as well as spirits, perception and global coordination.

When someone gets an injury there is a MEMORY created in the brain amygdala, which is associated to a concrete place, a time, a feeling and a thought. For this reason, a conventional treatment is not enough to reach a complete rehabilitation.

Each time that one of these aspects is repeated in our daily life, this memory is recreated and, with it, the emotion associated to it, revived. That's why it is necessary to TREAT the injury at the same time that we treat any memory associated to it. Surely, sometime we will go back to the place where we suffered our injury, or experience similar sensations as those we had at the moment of getting injured. Because of the connection states-ideas, sensations will come back to our body and create the same limitations and discomfort we used to feel.

Fears will be back, as well as uncertainty, assumptions, sadness, the "what if...", etc. For this reason, TREATMENT must be not only physic but also emotional, since because of the way we are programmed into, it is neccessary to treat emotional consequences so as to reach complete rehabilitation.

TREATMENT usually takes between 3 and 4 sessions, combining it with physical and holistic therapy with reinforcement of the sessions, in which the dancer is provided with POSITIVE PERCEPTIVE - SENSORIAL STIMULI which strengthen the attitude of concentration and motor improvement.


A complete medical history is carried out, which includes:

Age at which the artist started learning dance, hours devoted, dance styles studied up to now, past injuries and progress of one's flexibility.

We evaluate with a POSTURAL EXAMINATION:

Joints' angles, muscular tone, flexibility, laxity, visual amplitude, capacity to reach focus, equilibrium and coordination. All of these with the performing of dance moves in the three levels of movement: anterior, posterior and lateral.


We will find the right technique to improve motor and sensorial perceptions which will better adapt the dancer's personality. At the same time, we will improve their physical condition.

Using the MIOFEEDBACK, an electronic device to mesure the muscular tone, we will increase the articular work without overcharging the muscle, working on breathing and coordination of the pelvic girdle and the shoulder girdle.

We will carry out GLOBAL STRETCHING which control muscular compensations, increase equilibrium, periferic view, proprioception and which also tonify the abs.

This rehabilitation service relies on a fine and targeted work so as to heal the injury in the LEAST POSSIBLE TIME

Along the treatment, the artist is served with PERCEPTIVE, SENSORIAL AND RATIONAL POSITIVE STIMULI which reinforce the attitude in changing positively, concetrations and motor improvement.

Control and Flexibilisation of the backbone. Stretching of the anterior and pectoral zone

On following sessions after the first visit, the treatment is constantly reoriented in relation to the patient's evolution. Each point mentioned before will be revised.


1st treatment: 60€.
Check-ups: 48€

Request more information or to book an appointment
Tel. 93 357 29 86 - Feliu i Codina nº 12, 4º 1ª - 08031 Barcelona

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