Informative talks aimed at parents

This talk is aimed at informing parents whose children are to start their musical studies of what this decision means for what refers to muscular and cognitive performance.

The child's body will have to adapt to certain postures and physical demands which may not agree with their bone and muscle growth. This is the reason why some preliminary considerations are needed. Parents will find in this talk the proper atmosphere to discuss it. We will clarify any doubts and concerns parents may have and we will assist any concrete petition in arrangement with the centre.

The talk is the starting point of prevention of injuries. It is the basis of a good standard which aims at not suffering from injuries and at enjoying the learning of Music.


  • Getting parents to know the muscular work it takes to play an instrument.
  • Differencing the global and specific muscular work and the possible postural alterations they may entail.


  • Brief morphological remarks on growing children.
  • How to detect scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine).
  • Typical pathologies in musicians and warning signs to detect them in time.
  • Differences between adequate postures and non-adequate ones.
  • What can parents do to encourage the correct posture?
  • Sports and physical activities adequate to the instrumental practice.

Length: 1,5 hours.

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