Instrumental Posturology for Musicians

Posturology studies postural and fine muscular system alterations in the globality of the human body.

It helps us improve the muscular and artistic performance of individuals and, over all, it helps us realise the factors we have to pay attention to since they alter our equilibrium and our energetic expenditure.


  • Stress the importance of postural captors.
  • Knowing how to recognise the orthostatic tone differential signs on the body.
  • Improving the artistic and life quality.


  • Recongnition of equilibrium and postural alterations in frontal, posterior and sagittal planes.
  • Muscular tone alterations with the instruments.
  • Postural analysis in sitting position with the instrument.
  • Corrective measures to solve the asymmetric conflict.


The neurophisiological basis of which all postural corrections must depart from will be evidenced with theorical explanations with pictures and practical examples.


It is interesting to keep instrumental groups for the practic but it is not compulsory. The student must wear comfortable clothing.

Length of the session: 15 hours.

Attendants: maximum ten people per course.

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