Physical and muscular activity for musicians: training

In order to improve our performance and artistic quality it is necessary to know our functional base.

In this case we are referring to muscles and all the musculo-squeletic system.


Knowing when and in what ways one can strengthen, stretch, relax and make use of musculature so as to improve one's muscular quality.


  • Muscles, joints, arms lever, tonic, phasic, outpuc and stong musculature, types of resistence and types of strength.
  • Strengthening exercices
  • Exercises of relaxation
  • Stretching exercises
  • What muscles should I strengthen in relation to my instrument?
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Symptoms before muscle fatigue
  • Difference among overcharge, muscular overuse and tendinitis
  • Action plan before a concert or an exam period
  • Introduction to interscapular fixing.
  • Muscular chains


After a theoric and visual explanation on muscular tissues, tendons and joints and their functioning in the body, we will directly work with the body, as a practical application of the knowledge learnt.

Session devoted to stretching, strengthening and relaxation of the whole body by zones.

Exercises sitting, standing and lying down.


Keep the same instrumental groups for the practical application.
Have enough space for all the attendants to lie down on the floor.
Wear comfortable clothing.
Having the material required for the course: mats, balls, elastics and rubber bands.

Length of the course: 15 hours.

Attendants: ten people maximum per course

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