Physiotherapy and Feldenkrais for musicians

We do not have good habits when it comes to an especific activity without previous thinking of movement, postures and, ultimately, conduct.

Thinking leads to an important developement of conscience and knowledge of the self.

Corporal conscience is technique, it is having conscious internal resources ro express oneself. Tensions, contractions or the blocking of certain body zones, such as stomach, chest and neck, are expressions of feelings or emotions.

To have good habits for a proper instrumental performance as well as to conduct it is absolutly necessary to become aware of our inner conscience so as to corporally channel the creative energy.

The inner hearing is expressed in an inner body.


  • Increasing postural conscience.
  • Knowing the method and being able to use in our daily life.
  • Work physiotherapy and posturology as an ensemble to incorporate everything learnt in the course.


  • Explanation of the method "cos-art" (body-art) or Feldenkrais.
  • Physiological principles. Body types and postures according to different ways of life and positioning in face of life.
  • Basic conditioning exercises according to each corporal structure.


The course is mainly practical, with some theorical explanations with pictures of muscular chains and the Feldenkrais method.

Requirements: wear comfortable clothing.

Length: 30 hours.

Attendants per course: ten people.

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