Postural and breathing techniques

The muscular and fascial insertions we find in ribs, pericardium, diaphragm, intercostal muscles, abdomminals,perineum and spine remind us of how easy it is for our body to change posture and muscular tone.

Why should this matter to us?

Because depending on our sustaining basis we will be able to project more or less our voice, to release more or less sound and strength and the quality of the air will be regulated by us with much more forcefulness.

Our way of being is reflected by postures, gestures and movements which may settle in our mechanics if they are repeated daily. If this happens our global functioning system is altered.


Improving our sound quality. Having a wider body conscience to better exercise our muscles and our voice projection. Recognising ourselves with a muscular chain typology related to how we face life.


  • Definition of fascia.
  • Postural recognition test.
  • Relationship between fascias and muscles, posture and emotions.
  • Abdominals. Abdominal empoweing exercises.
  • Compensatory exercises of the final posture.

Requirements: comfortable clothing.

Length of the session: 15 hours.

Attendants: maximum ten people per course.

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