Postural reeducation and abdominal empowering versus breathing

It is vital to know the breathing mechanism and its consequences on pressure, rythm, frequence, localisation and complicity with other muscular groups.

Taking into account this simple act, fundamental and primitive, improves our life quality and helps us avoiding organic or postural pathologies.

The presure generated by the thoracic and abominal zones are the basis of our verticality.


  • Making breathing facilitate out vital and artistic processes. Improve our quality of life.


  • Breathing types
  • Breathing enhancing exercises according to ages and period of bone growth.
  • Abs versus diaphragm. Antagonist muscles. Breathing types.
  • Pression systems: pulmonar and abdominal
  • Frequent alterations of the urinary and reproductive systems of structural type (hyperlordosis, disc hernation) related to breathing and its system of pressure damping.


Explain the theory of internal body pressure generated by various organs and cavities. It is essential to understand and do the exercises suggested in the course correctly.

Requirements: wear comfortable clothing.

Length of the session: 15 hours.

Attendants: maximum ten people per course.

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