Postural reeducation workshop with instrument

Objectives of the workshop:

These are theorical and practical workshops on the study of the technical and preventive gestures to avoid injuries due to overload and overuse in the musculoskeletical system.

It is also aimed at preventing pinched nerves due to inadequate pressure or muscular overload.


Departing from the gestural analysis of each instrument, the most common muscular and positional compensations which are developped in the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle are investigated.

We look for alterations in the movement planes. We aim at improving both the motor act and the comfort, decreasing the energy consumed to improve concentration.

The students will be taught compensatory muscular exercises for the musculature which is used the most according to each instrument as well as some stretching and empowerment exercises.

We recommend taking a workshop of this kind once every year or year and a half so as not to abandon the acquired training and the good postural habits.

Our workshops are based on the following instruments:

Accordion, harp, clarinet, bass, bassoon, recorder, guitar, piano and harpsichord, percussion, saxophone, trombone, tube, trumpet, tuba, violin/viola and cello.


Theorical explanation on the reeducation work of the shoulder girdle and on training. The practical part is carried out with the instrument. The therapist will correct the posture at propioceptive level.

Length: 8 hours.

Attendants: ten people maximum

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