Resumen Jornada Multidisciplinar y Curso Fisioterapia de la Danza


This October has started with national and international news that we are now presenting, it has been very emotional to be able to offer our work to a multidisciplinary audience.

In this issue there is also room to present the new formation of cpae, at the request of many of the physiotherapists who follow us and who have already done the online training of physiotherapy of music, and who now asked to do training in physiotherapy of the dance, well, we have it here.

To finish tell you that soon we will take a trip to Mexico and that we will be present in different actions.

THIS MONTH WE COMPLETE 10 YEARS OF OPENING OF OUR CLINIC and we will celebrate it in a big way.

For the dancers, actors, instrumentalists and singers who follow us, present our new schedule, we will attend you on weekends since from here to December in Barcelona there is nothing more and nothing less than 14 musicals. And to meet your needs, we are at your service. How to make an appointment ?, Easy,, there you can find the telephones of our collaborators.

Ana Velázquez.

Multidisciplinary day, a success!

Last Saturday, October 6, we celebrated the First Multidisciplinary Conference for the Performing Arts at the Hospital la Fe de Valencia.
The conference began at 8:30 a.m. in the morning when the first attendees gave their names for registration, having registered more than 100 people, they ended up attending about 80. The presentation was given by the president of AMPAE, Carles Expósito who was responsible for explaining the reason for the creation of ampae, the objectives and the desire to be a big family soon.

The speakers were exposing their themes and the day went by at 7:30 p.m. with success of affluence, questions and coexistence.

We are very pleased to have been able to live a historic event in our country since for the first time different professionals from the performing arts and the healthcare world have come together to achieve a mutual benefit that is to grow and enrich each other.

We are already preparing the next days, and the first thing that we consider is where we are going to develop them and secondly, the theme. From this magazine we ask your opinion on the topics that can be developed in our future interventions.

You can write to


We have received numerous emails requesting information about our next training. After working on it for several months, we can announce that it is already a reality.
On the next day, January 8th, the Dance Physiotherapy course begins.
Registration for the course is now open.
Throughout the month of October and November there is our launch offer, only for this time and this year, so take advantage of the launch of this new course.

For 8 years we have been doing the Physiotherapy course of online music that we started on October 2, and this time we are going to take the Dance Physiotherapy course.

Nous vous rappelons que nous serons présents à la prochaine internationale conférence de physiothérapie à Puebla et que nous offrirons également a entretien conjoint avec Andrés Vivanco, optométriste, à l'intention des acteurs dans lesquels nous parlerons de la posturologie clinique, de l'émotion de l'acteur, of the techniques permettant cliniques de revenir au center de soi une fois le personnage interprété et outils de posture et de respiration permettant d'éviter la dysphonie.

Nous proposerons également aux danseurs joins conférence sur la manière d'améliorer leurs performances, sur la base d'une formation ciblée et d'exercices thérapeutiques au quotidien des essais.

Si vous souhaitez vous inscrire à la conférence du 4 novembre à Cuernavaca avec Andrés Vivanco:



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