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CPAE celebrates 10 years of its opening in Barcelona and 5 years after the publication of our first book, for this reason we are going to communicate the actions that we have planned to celebrate it together.

The Physiotherapy of Performing Arts continues to grow and in the coming months we will be in different cities spreading our work:


-In Barcelona, For our clients in consultation: Our novelties in the city begin by opening our consultation 7 days a week, so we can accommodate the needs of artists, either care for the treatment of injuries or to prevent and improve performance on stage. During this month we will distribute 10 books of How to live without pain if you are a musician to our patients who come to the center saying they have seen this message either in our newsletter or on Facebook. For music, dance and performing arts schools. We opened a campaign of 3 training scholarships, one for each type of school. Attention, we are going to offer for the first time a FORMATIVE SCHOLASSE FOR PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOLS. 2-hour talk accompanied by preventive advice and a one-year discount in our clinic care services in Barcelona cpae. IN ADDITION, the school will be given a teacher, to draw on the day of the talk, our course on PREVENTION OF INJURIES AND IMPROVEMENT OF TECHNICAL QUALITY VALUED AT 799 EUROS, 8 MONTHS DURATION valued at 799 euros! THIS IS THE LINK OF THE COURSE so that you can see the complete syllabus: musicians-instrumentalists

This is going to be part of the injury prevention program that started in Madrid a few years ago, now we are going to develop it in Barcelona. So, if you are a teacher of a music or dance school and want to be part of the raffle of this exclusive training you should send an email to our center arguing why you think your center deserves to receive a talk of this style for the teachers, number of teachers, number of students that the school has and we will send you some bases to formally enter the draw that will take place at the end of November.



We will be in February to offer for the first time and exclusively in the city a full course of physiotherapy in performing arts that includes in 72 hours the part of attention to the Instrumentalist, the Dancer, the actor and the singer. Attention, on Sunday, February 24th, we are going to give a coffee talk to all those who are interested in Physical Therapy of performing arts, it will be on Sunday, February 24 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. the place we will specify later, those interested should send an email to reserve a place. In this event we will give away 2 books and we will donate a training scholarship for our next training valued at 400 euros. To access this course is through this link: -In Mexico, We have been from October 31 to November 10 and have participated in the Physiotherapy Congress held in Puebla: And for all those who have been present at this congress, and for all physiotherapists in Mexico, we are going to launch the next ONLINE DANCE PHYSIOTHERAPY course with a discount for them only: 980 pesos.


-In Madrid,

We are already doing a specific Physiotherapy course of music for physiotherapists, and on December 2 in the afternoon we will make a talk about the injuries of the dancers. To be able to attend this talk, you must first register by sending an email to Later we will indicate the place of celebration, the time will be from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. In this event we will give away 2 books and we will donate a training scholarship for our next training valued at 400 euros.










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