Artist, take this quiz and learn more about yourself a little more

Artist, take this quiz and learn more about yourself a little more


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Take this test to find out if you can improve your musical artistic quality! If your answer is "YES" add 10 points, if it is "No" do not add anything.


  • I make a scale from lower to higher intensity of body heating before studying.
  • I have chosen and found a technique of body awareness that makes me gain proprioception (feeling more and better each time, with and without the instrument).
  • I regulate my diet based on my performance, study plan and concerts.
  • I have no pain or discomfort when I finish playing, I just feel tired of having done an intense activity.
  • I do aerobic physical activity regularly.
  • I know what stretching, empowerment and warm-up exercises I should do and that benefit me.
  • I use mental work before studying the complicated passages with the instrument so as not to force the muscles excessively.
  • I can find the right muscle tone and tension for my body to improve the speed and difficulty of my performances.
  • I have found the ideal posture for my study, both with the instrument and in front of the computer.
  • I sleep with a jerk without discomfort or pain and I get up rested and calm.


Result of 90 to 100 points: your artistic performance is well focused, keep it up 

Result from 60 to 80: you have good habits, although your professional quality is underused.

Result 30 to 50: You have difficulties and possibly live with pain. You should make a physical therapy treatment plan.

Less than 30: You need a physical therapist to achieve your maximum artistic performance, if you continue like this you have a very high% chance of injury. Telf: 933 572 986 THANK YOU

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