Voice Physiotherapy BARCELONA

Dates: por concretar verano 2020

Timetable: from 9:00h to 14:00 and from 15:30h to 20:30h

Length of the course: 60 hours.

Place of realisation: Barcelona.

Price: 700 euros





Knowing the most frequent injuries actors suffer from and the physiotherapeutical approach, both the preventive and that of the treatment.


Theorical sessions (with powerpoint presentation) and practical among the students.


Pablo Bravo. Director of theatre.
Dra. Laura González Sanvisens. Speech therapist and singer.
Ana Velázquez Colominas, physiotherapist especialised in Medicine of the Arts.
Mónica Velázquez, social worker, *kinesiologist and *holistic.
Xavier Fernández, actor, dubber and singer.


  • Preventive steps for injuries on spoken and sung voice.
  • Warming up and voice projection.
  • The physiotherapist's work on stage. Risk factors in actors. Ergnomy applied to theatre.
  • Summary of the gestural theatre in history and the dance-therapy technique.
  • Posture with reference to personality, differences among structural morphotypes.
  • Common techniques of the physiotherapical approach. Manual therapy of cranial release, voice tract and breathing.
  • Real presentation of a practical case. Practice with cranial resonators.
  • Manual therapy and the physiotherapical treatment the actor/singer needs: Physiotherapy techniques to increase lung capacity, voice projection,  backing, resonators, corporal conscience. Vibrational therapy with tuning forks. Most frequent injuries in singers.

DATES AND TIMETABLES: check scheduling.

ENROLLMENT: cpae@cpae.net Total price: 700 euros. The course will be taught in Spanish.

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Notice of new editions

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