Dates: 28, 29, 30 de Junio y 1 de julio. De 9:00h a 13:30h y de 15:30h a 19:30h.

Timetable: 9:00h at 14:00h and de 15:30h a 20:30h. Remember Fisrt day will be at 15:30h.

Length of the course: 32 hours.

Place of realisation: CPAE Barcelona

Price: 400 euros, 350 PESOS CHILENOS, 1600 PESOS ARGENTINOS o 9500 MXN.


In order to complete this course, it is absolutely essential to have previously taken the Physiotherapy course of Music online or in person (in case you want to review the syllabus or practical concepts), or if you are doing the same at the same time online course of Physiotherapy of Music online. The registration period for this course will be three months before the beginning of the course.

If you want more information about the Physiotherapy of Music course online, click here.

In this course we will do the practical part of the online Physiotherapy of Music course. It is aimed at all those physiotherapists who have already done the training ser- vice through us, either through our entity with the online physiotherapy course or those who have done face-to-face training with us or with any other entity that has organized our training.

The objective is to ensure and improve the safety and confidence of the physiotherapist.

How will we do it? Holding the instrument, seeing its weight, how to take it, more frequent postures and, above all, being able to practice with different colleagues how to advise a better position, both of itself and that of the instrumentalist.



We start from the maxim that we can not explain or teach anything that we do not know before, therefore, here we are, to learn among ourselves. We will also do in the practical part the stretches that we believe most appropriate, as well as the warm-up and the manual therapy part for those who want to repeat and reinforce this information.

The teachers will be: Dr. Anna Cester

and Ana Velázquez.


We will have in the classroom the instruments with which we will do the practical part: keyboard, drums, violin, sax, tuba, trombone, flute, guitar, gralla, flute, clarinet and cello. In addition to the instruments that the students want to bring to the class.

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Tel. 93 357 29 86 - Feliu i Codina nº 12, 4º 1ª - 08031 Barcelona

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