Online course of specialisation in MUSIC PHYSIOTHERAPY

Do you want to increase your range of patients in your clinic, with loyal patients who recommend you?

Are you self-employed and want to open new doors to a growing professional field full of opportunities?

Musicians and artists are demanding more and more professionals who can attend their needs and are educated to do so, would you like to be one of the pioneers of this select group of professionals?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions above, you’re in the right place.

Online course of specialisation in MUSIC PHYSIOTHERAPY

The specialisation for Physiotherapists of the Present and the Future.

Who is this training for?

This training is for you if...

  • You are a physiotherapist or kinesiologist.
  • You have a clinic and you want to train yourself to be able to assist patients from different areas, loyal customers who will recommend you to their fellow musician and artist collegues.
  • If you work for someone else and you want to increase your professional options, becoming different from the rest.
  • If you want to be specialised in a field in which you will be pioneer, with increasing demand.
  • ESPECIALLY IF... You are a culture lover who is willing to learn and is respectful with yourself and with others, responsible and willing to serve the culture.

This course is an ONLINE course, so you will be able to do it at your own pace and from home.

This course is only aimed at physiotherapists.

The course is accredited by the Consell Català de Formació Continuada de les Professions Sanitàries (Catalan Committee of Continual Training for Health Professionals) with 6,3 credits.
The objective of this course is to make physiotherapy available to all those people involved in the Music world. It is not necessary to know how to play an instrument to follow the course, although it is recommended to be, at least, familiarised with them: having them close, bearing their weight, observing the way artists place their hands and arms. Anything studied related to music will be of great use all along the course.

It is possible to make practical sessions in the face-to-face course when the student deems it convenient. It must be talked directly with the instructor.


It consists of:

  • Theorical material with the basis for analysis and exploration of the main instruments and the way to approach the treatment and the medical history. The offered material is unique to this course and to this speciality of physiotherapy.
  • Some exercices that must be done and handed in in some stablished dates. Each month the material must be handed in.
  • Some tests. They will be carried out via Skype, with a length ranging from 30 to 40 minutes. A sample pacient will be needed. If this connection was not possible, the student may send a video with the result of the test. It is in these occasions when the student can ask any questions to clarify doubts. They may also do it by email at

The student will receive the corrections and some suggestions the week afterwards.



  1. General introduction to Performing Arts Physiotherapy
  2. Corporal techniques and their role in Music Physiotherapy. Clinical history for the artist.
  3. Postural analysis in statics and dynamics. More frequent injuries. Ergonomics. Postural re-education and dynamic correction of the upper half of the body.
  4. Instrumental analysis of the main classical and modern instruments.
  5. Specific training for the musician: enhancing of the strength of the hand, digital (finger) coordination, specific stretching exercises for musicians depending on their instrument and their technical characteristics.
  6. Master classes of the face-to-face course by Dr. Anna Cester about focal dystonia, stage fright and the brain of the musician, with real CLINICAL CASES (5 hours length).
  7. Master class that works as a summary of everything seen so far regarding: musculosketal injuries in musicians with real patients’ testimonies explaining their sessions, treatment and instrument the play, together with their daily difficulties as musicians and teachers. 5 hours.

In this course, you will also be able to watch in video format the essential manoeuvres and techniques that you need to master and the most relevant ones that Ana Velázquez performs on her patients for the basic re-education of the musician’s body to connect with their body awareness and improve their artistic performance.

In every module you will find:

  • Introduction to each module
  • Material made of theory and exercises
  • Extra material: videos, links to blogs, recommended films, food for thought, etc.

First step: apply to registration (fill in the blanks with your personal details). When subscribing it is necessary to give the personal details indicated in the form, send proof that you are a physiotherapist by regular mail or scanned (such as a Social Security contribution bill as self-employed, a Physioterapist College receipt or a copy of the degree).

Second step: enrol (transfer the amount agreed). Course price: 800 euros.
Third step: You will receive the material, you can start getting ready to hand in the first exercise.
Fourth step: In response to the correction of the first exercise you will receive the second module on the curriculum.

The material is sent by e-mail in pdf format and consists of three sections:
Theorical, exercises and tests.
It is compulsory to do the recommended exercisess to take the test.
In the theorical curriculum, exercises and tests will be ennumerated.
Student and teacher will agree on a date for the test.

Sounds good but, how is this course actually going to help me?

I’m glad you ask that. As professional physiotherapists, we have a lot of things in our minds and there exist an infinity of courses out there that one can do. However, the truth is that most of them haven’t got a practical implementation. We all know that this is what interests us the most. With this course you will gain access to a highly demanded but still not very extended specialisation with high demand by musicians, conservatoires and music schools. Our former students are now specialised in Music Physiotherapy and have achieved, among other things, the following:

  • Increase their range of clients in the consultation room (freelance and working for others)
  • Get job offers from health centres that want to incorporate this speciality and need qualified professionals. At CPAE we are the centre of reference for this speciality, being the only ones in the world who specifically teach physiotherapists. Our students are well-known worldwide.
  • Give courses and talks in music schools and conservatoires, teaching how to prevent injuries in musicians.
  • Train other physiotherapists and give talks about Music Physiotherapy in schools and colleges of Physiotherapy.

In other words, you will differentiate yourself from other physiotherapists. You will be pioneer in this growing speciality which is every day more and more demanded by musicians, music schools and conservatoires.

At CPAE we have been fighting for years to make this speciality more visible so that the musician’s reality is finally acknowledged. Now, more and more every day, and thanks to devoted health professionals who love art like you, we are achieving it.

Evaluation dates and material submission:

The last weekend of each month the student will have to hand in the material agreed on.
It is 7 months work. The last one is the final exam, there won't be preliminary inquiries to take the test, it is compulsory to do it live. It consists on a clinical case. You will need to be with someone who you trust to act as a sample pacient, you will do what you are asked. 

Recommended bibliography:
It is to be found in the website, in the BIBLIOGRAPHY section.

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