Ana Velázquez Colominas

Ana treats and trains artists in the least possible time through the Ana Velázquez method for the improvement of technical quality and the injury prevention.

She teaches this method of analysis and assessment in her physiotherapeutical centre to other physiotherapists so that more and more artists will have the opportunity of benefit from this method of quick integration of various interpretation techniques which the artists may already be familiar with.

Born in Barcelona, she graduated in Physiotherapy (Universidad Ramón Llull). She specialised in muscoloskeletical risk prevention (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña), and in Medicine of the Performing Arts (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona). She holds a Master in Posturology (UB).

With her concern to make PERFORMING ARTS PHYSIOTHERAPY  known to all physiotherapists and artists in Spain, she has contacted the Physotherapy schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Andalucía, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands with the objective of spreading this specialisation to other physiotherapists who are attracted to the Scenic world. 

She has decided to employ part of her time in participating in diffusion campaigns for children and adults, as well as adverts, articles in physiotherapy magazines and even educative programmes. She has created the COURSE ON PERFORMING ARTS PHYSIOTHERAPY, which is taught in her centre in Barcelona (CPAE) and in some physiotherapy colleges together with other teachers.

She also gives lectures and free workshops in centres of artistic training and music, theatre and dance associations with the aim of making the artists aware of the existance of this physiotherapeutical specialisation.

This bidirectional task is greatly marked by her passion for performing and singing. She has created an educative programme to introduce POSTURLOGY and PHYSIOTHERAPY in educative artistic centres.

Employment Data

  • Director and founder of the Centro de Prevención en Artes Escénicas (Centre for Prevention of Injuries in Performing Arts).
    • Clinic specialising in the treatment of dancers, singers, actors and musicians. Torrevieja años 2003-05.
  • Teacher of the workshop Fisioterapia de las Artes Escénicas (Performing Arts Physiotherapy). Universidad Católica de San Antonio de Múrcia. UCAM. 2004.
  • Director and teacher of various courses on Muscoloskeletical Injury Prevention for musicians, dancers and actors.
    • Conservatorio y Escuela Superior de Música de Tarragona, Reus i Tortosa. 24 h. 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
    • Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Barcelona. 15 hours. 2008.
    • Escuela Municipal de Danza de Torrevieja. 24 hours. 2004 and 2005.
    • Seminario Martí Codolar. Barcelona. 2005.
    • Conservatorio Superior de Música de Badalona, 15 hours. 2009.
    • Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valladolid, 30 hours. 2012.
  • Lecturer at various preventive lectures in orchestras in Barcelona and Castellón.
  • Collaborator at the Centro de Salud de la Columna Vertebral as an instructor:
    • Training courses on Musculoskeletical Injury Prevention from 1999 to 2008. Courses for multinational companies, hospitals, health care centres, various departments of the Generalitat de Cataluña and in the following cities through the Ministerio de Sanidad: Tarragona, Lérida, Gerona, Zaragoza, Avilés, Mérida, Málaga, Valladolid, Sevilla,Valéncia , Castellón and Madrid.
  • Private physiothreapical consulting room in Barcelona since 2005.
  • Physiotherapist in the music company Milnotes. Las Franquesas. Barcelona. 2005-08.
  • Director and teacher of courses on Performing Arts Physiotherapy in the Ilustre Colegio de Fisioterpia de la Comunidad Valenciana (2010 y 2011) and in the Colegio Oficial de fisioterapeutas de la comunidad de Madrid (2010) and Cataluña (2012).
  • Physiotherapist of the music company Musicànima, Granollers.

Academic information

  • Master in Posturology and Podoposturology. Universidad de Barcelona. 2009 .
  • Specialist in Medicine of Performing Arts. Post-graduate of FUB. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. 2002
  • Technician in Musculoskeletical Injuries Prevention. Post-graduate at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. Manresa. 2001
  • R.P.Gista. Technician in Global Postural Reeducation. Certified by the Universidad de Sant Mont. UIPTM. 2002
  • Physiotherapist. Graduated by the Universidad Ramon LLull. Blanquerna. 1999
  • Chiropractor. Certified by the Centro de estudios CIM. Barcelona. 1998.
  • Foot reflexology. Certified by the Centro de estudios por la Salut New Center. Barcelona.1998
  • Energy centres. Course taken at the escuela de expresión y psicomotricidad Carme Aymerich. Certified by the Generalitat de Cataluña. 30 hours. Barcelona. 2008
  • Practitioner en PNL. Instituto Integrativo, Barcelona. 2011

Ongoing training

  • Attendance at many conferences:
    • Congreso Internacional de MEDICINA DEL ARTE. Montpellier. Francia. 2003
    • Congreso Internacional de Medicina del deporte y Traumatología. Mónaco. 2004.
    • Congreso Nacional de Medina del deporte. SETRADE. Las Palmas. 2004.
    • I y II Jornadas de Traumatología aplicada al pie y rodilla. Alicante. 2004 and 2005.
    • Jornadas de Fisioterapia del Mediterraneo. 1999 and 2000.
    • IV Jornada de Fisioterapia y II de Infermeria. Santa Coloma de Gramanet. 2008
    • III Congreso Internacional de Posturología. Castelldefels. Barcelona. 2009 
    • I Jornada de Salut del Músics. Manresa, 9 de Novembre 2012.
    • PAMA International Symposium (2016, New York, USA).” Evaluation of the Perception of the Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV) and the Comfort in Two Types of Seats for Instrumentalists”

Extra information

  • Lecturer at "Jornada de Fisioterapia de les Arts" in the Col·legi de Fisioterapeutes de Valencia headquarters to celebrate the international day of Physiotherapy. 2005.
  • Collaborator on articles for the Asociación Catalana de Danza (Catalan Association of Dance).
  • Training courses. No official accreditation (for personal growth): Arteterápia (2004), Osteropatia Bioenergética Celular (2005), Reiki (2006), Wing Xun (2008), Bailes de salón (2007 and 2008).
  • Godmother of the VIII year of physiotherapy graduates of the Universidad Católica de Valencia. 2012.
  • Awarded "Fisioterapeuta del Año" (Physiotherapist of the Year) by the Colegio de Fisioterapeutasa de Cataluña. 2012.
  • Author of the book Cómo vivir sin dolor si eres músico. Editorial Robinbook. June 2013

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