Currículum Cristina Queraltó Cosme

She is passionate of dancing and everything that has to do with body work.

From 3 years old she studies dance and at 8 she starts rythmic gymnastics training and becomes Champion of Catalonia Alevin.

She begans to prepare and work in the sports and artistic field as a dance teacher and rythmic gymnastics coach. In 1994 she obtains her National Rythmic Gymnastics Judge-Trainer Qualification.

In 1997 she graduates as a Teacher of Physical Education from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She becomes interested and prepares herself in Health in Physical Education and Personal Training and extends her training, among others, with the Postgraduated of Physical Activity Adapted to Physical Disability at the University of Barcelona. At the same time, she continues to prepare for classical and contemporary dance and other dancing languages in different schools from Barcelona. She enters the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in the Superior Degree of Dance Pedagogy and Choreography in 2003 and specializes as a National Judge and Trainer of Group Aesthetic Gymnastics. She wins the Spanish Championship and obtains a 5th place in the World Championship with the Catalan Selection in 2009.

She combines her activity as a dance teacher and gymnastics coach with teaching in primary education in different schools, in which she forms part of the management teams.

Her concern for awareness, correction and control of posture and movement lead her to develop a method of physical preparation for dancers that she applies in her classes of Physical Work for dancers, gymnasts and even adults.

In 2010, after having coordinated different sports clubs and worked in several dance schools she founds her own dance school in which she teaches with her own methodology to promote body awareness and provide a good physical preparation to dancers. During all these years she creates choreographies and produces shows of different formats. Her dancers participate in contests and competitions of dance and they obtain remarkable results at national and international level.

Lately she has becomed passionated for Hatha Yoga and she has also discovered Gyrokinesis Technique in which she has been certified as Trainer in Münstertaler in 2018.

Following the tonic of continuos training  and her interest in anathomy, correction in posture and in movement and the prevention of injuries in posture in sport and in dance, she studies the Master of Anathomy and Biomechanics at the University of Nebrija and the Advanced Course of Anathomy and Kinesiology of Dance: Posture, Movement and Pathology, at Euro Innova Business School.

In 2018 she joins the CPAE team to collaborate and enrich the therapies and treatments of patients with a physical work of body awareness, toning and elasticity through sessions of Gyrokinesis totally personalized to each individual.


GYROKINESIS® is an original and unique method that coordinates movement, breath and mental focus. It addresses the entire body, increases the range of motion, creates functional strength through rhythmic and flowing motion sequences, opens energy pathways and stimulates the nervous system.

It works on body posture, flexibility, muscle strength and toning, while controlling breathing. It is an ideal method to complement any physical or sports practice, as it improves the performance and control of muscular work and joints.

GYROKINESIS® adapts to the body and physical condition. It avoids injuries and accelerates recovery if there is already any pathology or pain.

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