Juan Antonio Fanlo López's curriculum vitae

Born in Barcelona in 1982, he is an osteopath in personalised assistance in private practice: common and work-related ailments, urogynecology, pediatrics and ailments especific of Performing Arts and Sports. He is used to working autonomously with various patient typologies, no matter their age, sex or profession. He is a methodical and approachable person who quickly adapts to new situations and who has a great holistic capacity. He is used to both structural and functional work.

Sport training from 1988 to 1999 as a federated basketball player.

Practics on gymnastics and accrobatic sports in INEFEC unity, 2000 - 2003.

Rugby player in the Club de Rugby San Cugat, 2003-2006

International training on North-American dances (swing, blues, jazz, charleston, balboa, tap dance, acrobatic rock), from 2005 up to now.

Experience in Consulting Room

  • Private Consulting Room in the GRUP CERCLES Bon Pastor centre (10/2005, up to now)
  • Osteopath in the COS VITAL centre (09/2008, up to now)
    • Functional disorders of the locomotor or muscoloskeletal system:
      • Spine problems
      • Disk problems
      • Joint pain or non-neurological muscular conditions
      • Periferic neurological conditions
    • Neurologic functional disorders:
      • Balance disorders: vertigo
      • Neuralgia
    • Functional head disorders:
      • Jaw joint problems
      • Headache: migraines and headache pain
      • Functional deformations of the child
      • Cranial and/or facial compressions resulting from difficulties in delivery
      • Facial system problems: otitis, sinusitis.
    • Internal organs functional disorders:
      • Digestive disorders: hiatal hernia, constipation, flatulence and reflux
      • Urogynecological disorders: urinary incontinence, irregular and/or painful menstrual periods, amenorrhoea, physical problems in pregnancy, painful sexual intercourse, inadecuate uterus positions, infertility, rebalancing of the corporal system before and after delivering, repetitive cystitis and prostate problems.

Sports Experience

  • Osteopath and Physiotherapist in PUNT CENTRE FITNEES gym (06/2010 – 07/2011)
  • Physiotherapist in C. Rugby San Cugat, season 2004/05, 05/06, 06/07 and 07/08.
  • Physiotherapist in DIR MARAGALL (09/2005- 12/2005)
  • Physiotherapist of the Campeonato de España de jiu-jitsu brasileño, edición 2005, organised by Gràcia Barcelona gym.
    • Problems resulting from sports practice:
      • Osteo-articular disorders: pubic algias, tendinitis for repetition, overstrain inflammations
      • Help in preparation of the physical effort and the sporting gesture

Experience in the Work Environment

  • Physiotherapist in Plataforma Sanitaria, working for the conpany CALSONIC ESPAÑA S.A (09/2007- 12/2009)
    • Descriptives and osteopathic treatments for the total integration of the worker in their working place:
      • Developement of individualised osteopathic diagnosis assessing both the worker and the work place.
      • Prevention, action and actuation for the improvement of work ailments.

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